You must have eaten Beef rolls,but of add some red wine ,taste better.

Ok,let’s begin to do.


beef tenderloin
green peppers
fresh mushrooms
red pepper

black pepper
white pepper
red wine,
olive oil or salad oil


First of al , Cut all  vegetables  filament the beef into small pieces ( a thickness of about 0.5 cm, and then made into a thin 7 * 8 cm )

And then,pour  the oil, first add onion ,mushrooms, green peppers, continue to stir fry, then add spices, cook a few minutes and  fish out of vegetables, soup retained.

2 3

Thirdly,like above pictures,put the last step vegetable into the fried beef rolled beef rolls and sealed with wet starch.

At last,fired the beef rolls until mature,  and sprinkle  black pepper, then transfer to a plate,add the fried vegetables and pour boiled soup.

Beef rolls with red wine sauce is finished.