I decide the sugar-coated  haws because of a friend who  usually introduces the specialties of  Italian .and which one named caramel apples, it looks like Candied haw on a stick( just  gourd instead of apple).

About this,we need the fellow ingredient,

Hawthorns( over 20 )
Crystal sugar (20/200g)
bamboo(Cut very thin)

ok,we begin to do….

At first,we should wash the hawthorns,remove stems.or you can cut them  and put the paste of sweetened beans
into .

Second, push the bamboo stick into hawthorns ,let them into a string and dried water. then with sugar and water into the pot, cook them until sugar melts (you can always stir to promote melting).hold on a moment,while syrup (we just make the melted sugar named syrup)finished,roll the hawthorns stringed around in the syrup(you can use a spoon to cover the hawthorns in the syrup).

Lastly, when the syrup turned cold,the sugar-coated haws finished.