Sugar and Lotus Seed Soup is a  beauty diet,it is good for wildly women.

The mail ingredients:

Honey nuts
Lotus Seed
Rose petals
How to cook
First of all,put the honey nuts into pot and steamed for 15 minutes. Dried lotus seeds into a large bowl, add boiling water, 1,000 grams, soak for 15 minutes, by tablets, peeled, heart washed into a large bowl, add 1500 grams of water, stir on the cage and steam for 30 minutes.
And then,add rock sugar, and then steamed for about 5 minutes, so that sugar is melted, divided into 10 small bowls, each bowl put a candied, sprinkle a little sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus, and then crush the rose petals, evenly sprinkle on top.
The  sugar and lotus seed Soup is finished