Garden salad

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Why do I call it Garden salad? It is absolutely green and health, looks like the garden. If you like, why not have a try?


tomatoes, purple cabbage, celery, apples, kiwi, almonds, raisins.


Thousand Island dressing



1, Clean above a variety of fruits and vegetables ;

2, vegetables soaked in salt water for 30 minutes (it can sterilize and remove pesticide residues )

3, Cut the fruit into small pieces.  To prevent discoloration, put the apples in the salt water. Cut filaments purple cabbage and celery  into small pieces, 

4, Before eating , dried above a variety of fruits and vegetables , sprinkle with almonds and raisins, mix with salad dressing .That’s OK.

Strawberries egg tarts

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Strawberries egg tarts of KFC were all the rage , worth also higher than the general ones. In fact, the taste is just so so and  the strawberry in egg tart is also minimal.

Now we cook Strawberries egg tarts by ourselves.It must be delicious.


Ingredient: whipping cream, milk , sugar, condensed milk, egg yolk,  flour, strawberry , egg tart skin



The oven preheats  5 minutes, put the egg tart into the second layer for 220 degrees, it is OK after 15 minutes.

When the egg tarts are finished,put on the Strawberries .the Strawberries egg tarts are OK.How delicious!

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