Cumin Roast Leg of Lamb

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I think many people feel like eating lamb, and I cooked this food was very different. The main spices are very special- barbecue sauce and cumin are all at no cost to "reuse" . the barbecue sauce was the rest when my son ate McDonald , cumin powder is packaged after eating soft-fried fillet in a Chinese restaurant , instead of wasting, the better is to make full use of them.

How to cook


First of all, mixed well the barbecue sauce, soy sauce and cooking wine,applying the mixed sauce evenly on the leg of lamb, wrap them use plastic wrap  and put it into the refrigerator for one to two days to make it fully tasty;
sprinkle the marinated leg of lamb with cumin;
And then, sprinkle the marinated leg of lamb with cumin, onion,chopped herbs.
At last,
preheat oven to 220 degrees, bake 25 minutes,remove the leg of lamb ,turn it over and continue baking 25 minutes.

If match a glass of wine with the cumin roast leg of lamb,

How delicious!

Sixi ball

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"Sixi ball"
is a famous dish in China,with its auspicious, meaning reunion. The dish will not only bring the feeling of joy and harmony, but also expressed the earnest blessings.Therefore,  Sixi balls can be considered the most auspicious and favorite dishes for the people.

The main ingredients:
Pork(Cut into stuffing)
lotus root
red peppers
soy sauce, cooking wine,salt, starch, pepper, aniseed , onion, ginger .

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First of all,
mix well minced meat, lotus root, onion ginger, a little salt, egg white, a little water, make them become balls.And wash above vegetable, put them into boiling water a moment, set aside.

And them, fried the balls until become gold, add a little water, onion ginger slices, pepper and above seasoning, boiled a few minutes, fish out the balls.

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Lastly,continue to boil the remaining sauce, mix with starch added water, topped with sesame oil.Poured on them in the balls. The Sixi ball is finished.