Banana Cake

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There are a lot of fruits at home on Chinese New Year , with some bananas I cooked several small cakes,maybe the final product is not ideal,  but the small banana cakes taste well, very sweet! Life is also sweet,   wish every friends happy and  honey !

Cake flour

How to cook

Follow the above images,squeeze into the batter into the molded paper bags ,oven  turned 180 degree ,bake for 20 minutes.Banana cake is finished.

West dessert-Matcha

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My first know Matcha was a few years ago, when the name of that West dessert, I remember quite clearly – Matcha  Mousse Cake. Because her color is so different, which is the new green  after winter. Her smell is so fresh, so elegant, like the breath of spring. Therefore, I would like learn to bake, I would like cook West dessert  that full of life rhythm.

Ingredients:  flour, matcha powder , butter , sugar , sugar ,  egg, vanilla extract 


How to cook

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3 4

4 5 6 8 9

Baking: oven middle, 190 degrees, bake for 10 minutes.

This is my New Year gifts to everyone.Beg every people Happy

New Year.

What gift give your BF On New Year Day?

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Chinese New Year is the largest festival  for  Chinese people,it is same as Western Christmas Day.And  New Year  is coming,do you know what gift give your BF ?
Closer to home,  recommended  the Spring Festival DIY to you, wish you and your BF have a romantic festival .

First of all,you can make a doll  by yourself and the doll need  highlight the characteristics of your lover.

Second, I think you also can woven scarf and hat to him,he must very love.

The third,If you do not feel good on your practical ability, you can buy a pair of pajamas, bracelets, etc,but I always think self-made gift is the best beautiful.

Different Cultural of Oriental and Western New Year

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Do you know how the New Year’s gonna  go off  in Oriental and western country?

Now I just use China and some western countries an sample.

In China, the Eve of New Year were just family reunion,not invites other outsider, even the most intimate friends,those people absolutely never joined else’s family dinner that night, they should have to wait until New Year’s first day. This is almost a conventional customs, the less there must be thousands of years.

Christmas day in the West do not like China ,it was Christmas Eve the night before , Santa Claus will come and bring gifts and good wishes to everyone in the night . The difference is often inviting friends and even foreign friends to join on this festival once a year. It’s very lively,once New Year’s bell rings, people cheered, can not help but run into the streets to embrace other people ,any people. Thanksgiving  is the festival of family reunion, equivalent to China’s Spring Festival.

Origin of Chinese New Year

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New Year of China has always refers to the lunar calendar (Lunar New Year, the lunar calendar),it usually means the first day of January, is the "beginning of one year", that means to celebrate the New Year . In the Chinese language ,there are different terminologies, e.g."New Year Day",  "the start of  this year", and generally known as the "first day."

AD 1911, Revolution led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Manchu rule and founded the Republic of China. Representatives of provincial military governor met in Nanjing and  decided to the Gregorian calendar as  "Spring Festival"-the Gregorian calendar on January 1 is called "New Year Day". But there had been no official announcement and naming.

Now, "New Year" is the new China which founded eve,September 27, 1949.the first session of the CPPCC plenary resolution: "the PRC use AD Chronicles", that is what we call the solar calendar. In order to distinguish lunar and solar calendar this two New Year, so put first lunar month renamed the "Spring Festival", the solar calendar (January1) as the "New Year",

The New Year Day is also like the western Christmas day.