homemade pancake

tender steak (1 pound)

green pepper( better pepper  the sharp of  lantern  and cut thin strips)

onions(half purple, half white, cut thin strips)

pickled meat seasoning (you can buy from super market)


tacosauce or salsa (Mexico Tucker cake flavor sauce, domestic Carrefour have seen similar; if not can be omitted)

How to make

At first,  the entire four-hour marinated beef with marinade; grilled on charcoal grill (fresh beef is cooked to); cut long and thin spare;

And then, put the yogurt into pot ,add green paper ,salt ,black pepper etc. seasoning.

Lastly,pancake spread, put the above  cooked papper  and  beef; add  tacosauce or salsa and yogurt . rolled up the oancake.

Mexican Beef Roll is ok.