Papaya Milk

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I  bought a papaya a few days age and still stored in the refrigerator. Last night, a friend stay my house,  therefore, this morning , I cook  Papaya Milk as breakfast for her.

Ingredients: papaya , jujube, longan, brown sugar, milk
First of all,
Boiled a pot of water, put the longan and jujube.
And then, papaya,peeled and cut  into small pieces ,put them into pot.
At lastly, when the water is boiling,add two spoonfuls of brown sugar and milk, when them boiling again, the papaya milk is finished.

It is well-known that the papaya can enhance breast , So, women can eat more.

Curry Chicken Rice

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In fact, I always don’t like Curry. Last weekend, I came cross my friend who we haven’t meet each other for two years and left the phone number, therefore, he called me and invited me to have dinner last night.

We went to a tea restaurant , he ordered a curry chicken wings, I really feel how delicious…

So, I  check out some recipe about curry on the internet. The Curry Chicken Rice is my first cooking, maybe some bad, but taste is very good.


The main ingredients: chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, curry, garlic.

Seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce ,coconut milk


At first, follow above pictures, ready ingredients



And then, pure some oil into the pot, add garlic,onions and chicken ,after fried a few minutes, add the potatoes ,carrots ,some coconut milk ,curry powder and water.


At last, the fire to boil, then simmer for half an hour use medium fire.until thick soup good, eat match  rice, very delicious.

Christmas gift:Honey roasted chicken

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Christmas Day is coming,I have no idea what cook and ready for.Although I don’t have the habit of Christmas,Chinese people more and more trend western custom.Therefore, I follow the step of public.Say to everybody: Merry Christmas!

This is my Christmas gift:Honey roasted chicken

Soy sauce
Black pepper
Cooking wine


How to cook

At first,sprinkle above seasonings onto the chicken ,preserved 15 minutes.

And then,preheat oven to 200 degrees. Baking sheet covered with aluminum foil, then pour a glass of water. Grilled chicken placed on the line, brush on honey ,  bake for 20 minutes.Remove the painted layer of honey and continue to bake, until chicken cooked.

Lastly, Honey roasted chicken is finished.

This is my first roasted chicken,a little black,but very delicious.

Cola Chicken

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Most of my friend more and more love the  food mixed oriental and western.

Come on! let me show those recipe to you.

chicken thighs (the upper half of ones),
ginger(slice) ,
cooking wine,
soy sauce,
pepper ,

At first
, boneless chicken thigh meat,put into larger containers, add above onion, ginger, children ginger, pepper, cooking wine, soy  sauce,   mix well ;
Second, the chicken skin side up, covered the cling film, marinated for 30 minutes in the refrigerator .And then , put the chicken  into pan,fried until golden brown,turn down the fire and add the cola;
Thirdly,the chicken skin side up,if the soup is sticky, that is OK.


Chinese Dumplings

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Recently,i make a forieign female friend. she is a very great and industrious mother.she cooks many food for all family everyday,because  her family a bit picky, so she needs to their taste-based. now i also can understand my mother although she have only one daughter.

I want to cook a Chinese dumplings for her, i hope she can love….

Then mail ingredient contain:


Stuffing(recode your like, you can use beef, pork , mutton ,etc. or potato,tomato,leek,lotus and so on,mix and shred )

Condiment(salt,onion(shred),soy sauce and so on)

like this:

How to make

At first,we shoud make dumpling skin.

i hope there are ready-made dumpling skins in foreign super market.because it need a little skill.

And then , make the stuffing.Shred all meat or village,like  the pic  . and add condiment,subject to your own taste.

Lastly,put the stuffing into dumpling skins.i give two methods.

the dumplings is finished, you can put them into boiling water  or steam them.

we eat  like dipping sauce or vinegar