I don’t know what I should  say.Maybe I’m too sharp,maybe I’m not enough gentle.

Yes, you must have guessed.I lost my BF.I have even two BF,the first one ,we together about three months.When we broke up,he told me:”Vivi,I know a good girl , but we don’t appropriate.Together with you, I had a lot of pressure on me, always a lot of pressure.I’m sorry.” The second one ,we just together with two weeks.

I haven’t cried,maybe I fell dull pain on my heart.I know I just have myself idea,just a little independent.

In fact,many men are male chauvinism in their deep soul in China.That can be said it was legacy of ancient times.With the development of the society ,even if woman naturally have themselves status.They become more and more independent.That’s good.From my painful experience,I found a reason.Girl,sometimes need a little gentle and dependence to her BF.