Baked scallops with garlic and cheese

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Chinese people like excitement of the occasion.Western cuisine is so popular, I also follow the people’s step, cook Baked scallops with garlic and cheese to everybody.



Use knife forced open Scallop shell , along the scallop (that  is the white meat at the center  ) side , remove that shell,  the internal organs, water wash, dried for later use.

With a little salt, pepper, white wine would Scallops marinated for 10 minutes.

Crushed garlic, so that melt butter, add garlic. a few seconds later, add salt and pepper, garlic butter sauce evenly on the scallops.

Cut cheese into the silk, spread evenly on scallops


Preheat pan, add the scallops, about 3 minutes, until cheese turn color .Baked scallops with garlic and cheese  is finished.

Banana Cake

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There are a lot of fruits at home on Chinese New Year , with some bananas I cooked several small cakes,maybe the final product is not ideal,  but the small banana cakes taste well, very sweet! Life is also sweet,   wish every friends happy and  honey !

Cake flour

How to cook

Follow the above images,squeeze into the batter into the molded paper bags ,oven  turned 180 degree ,bake for 20 minutes.Banana cake is finished.

West dessert-Matcha

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My first know Matcha was a few years ago, when the name of that West dessert, I remember quite clearly – Matcha  Mousse Cake. Because her color is so different, which is the new green  after winter. Her smell is so fresh, so elegant, like the breath of spring. Therefore, I would like learn to bake, I would like cook West dessert  that full of life rhythm.

Ingredients:  flour, matcha powder , butter , sugar , sugar ,  egg, vanilla extract 


How to cook

1 2

3 4

4 5 6 8 9

Baking: oven middle, 190 degrees, bake for 10 minutes.

This is my New Year gifts to everyone.Beg every people Happy

New Year.

Puff Love

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Puff is a Italian dessert. It is the symbol of auspicious in France, In some special festive ceremony such born baby or marriage, we are used to dip caramel cream puffs piled tower to celebrate, called Croquembouche, a symbol of celebration and congratulations.

 Puff tastes "a lot" – plain, butter, chocolate, vanilla, green tea etc., each of them sprinkled with "white" icing ,when you bite them, cream  pour out from the "crisp"  dough, how delicious!!

This is my first feeling of taste puffs .In a  wedding  of  my friend,because of puff,I come across my BF.Until now we love eating puff, I always would like learn how to cook ,because of some reasons,I have no time to cook.

What a pit!