Vanilla Muffin

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Every time in Cake House, I can always see the Vanilla Muffin. It is always lying there quietly, so I think it must taste very bad. Because of one thing, let me change my mind thoroughly. That day, we didn’t anything because of  a cause, the boss bought some cake for us,one kind of them is Vanilla Muffin. Therefore, we have to full our stomach.It is so surprised that to me.The fragrance and soft of Vanilla Muffin occupied my whole mouth.Enjoy them so much as to forget anything.

Today, I also show my skill to everyone.


light cream
vanilla pods(open the vanilla pod and remove the vanilla seed)
low-gluten flour
almond powder
baking powder

First of all,
pour the milk, whipping cream ,vanilla seed into pot;  low heat until slightly boiling, let cool reserve.

And then,
Add sugar into butter ,stir and let the volume become larger, lighter color.Gradually add egg, above powder and flour , Continue stirring.

lastly, load them into mold, about 1/7 .Oven to 180 degrees, middle and lower classes, about 20 minutes.The Vanilla Muffin is finished.

Steamed Sponge Cake

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This is a Chinese dessert, we named it Steamed sponge cake. Although it looks like western cake, but it absolutely wasn’t  baked out by the oven.I think you must want to know how to cool.

Ok, let us together study…..

Corn flour,
Baking powder

How to make

At first. put the amount of water in the corn flour and baking powder, ferment. After the fermentation of maize flour rubbed into the alkali, add lard, and then repeated after kneading, cover with a damp cloth about 1 hour.
And then,  go on repeatedly kneading above dough, put the whole  into steamer and steamed about 25 minutes in boiling water, when it turned cool, with a knife cut into diamond or square pieces.

The Steamed sponge cake is OK.