7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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1. When you have finished your meal, say an affirmation out loud several times. Here’s some suggestions: “I’ve now finished eating till lunch/dinner/6.00 pm.” (whatever is suitable given the circumstances) or “I have eaten enough food to last me till ….” or “I’m full and do not need to eat till …” Experiment to find the format that’s right for you, and then say it with conviction several times preferably out loud at the end of the meal.
2. If you comfort eat to suppress emotions and stay cheerful, take the Bach flower remedy Agrimony. These simple, safe remedies based on flowers have been in use for over fifty years. They’re safe to take even if you’re taking medication.
3. Put your fork or your sandwich down between mouthfuls. This way you are likely to eat less and enjoy your food more – your stomach has time to register that it’s full, which it doesn’t have if you gobble your food down.
4. If you crave chocolate, try taking a zinc supplement or eating foods that are rich in zinc (e.g. seeds, leafy green vegetables and seafood). This is a magical tip for lots of people who thought they would never master their desire to eat chocolate.
5. Sit at the table to eat, but clear the table of bills, things to do, etc. It doesn’t help you to control what you eat if you’re looking at unpaid bills.
6. Drink more water – we often misinterpret the body’s thirst request as a food request. When you feel hungry, drink some water and wait a while to see if you really are hungry.
7. Use a smaller plate, so that it looks as though you have more. We eat with our eyes as well as with our mouths and stomachs. About The Author: Jane Thurnell-Read researches and writes on health & happiness: unbiased information, working with you where you are now. No faddy diets, extreme recommendations, product hype. Just simple, easy to use information and ideas that you can apply immediately in your life.


Papaya Milk

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I  bought a papaya a few days age and still stored in the refrigerator. Last night, a friend stay my house,  therefore, this morning , I cook  Papaya Milk as breakfast for her.

Ingredients: papaya , jujube, longan, brown sugar, milk
First of all,
Boiled a pot of water, put the longan and jujube.
And then, papaya,peeled and cut  into small pieces ,put them into pot.
At lastly, when the water is boiling,add two spoonfuls of brown sugar and milk, when them boiling again, the papaya milk is finished.

It is well-known that the papaya can enhance breast , So, women can eat more.

Sweet-scented Osmanthus Wine

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In western, many people feel like drinking Brandy ,XO ,Rum,Beer ,etc..

In China, more and more people begin to trend to produce fruit wine by themselves. Osmanthus, elegant and pleasant aroma, is the best natural flower fragrance materials to produce traditional cakes, candy, and wine. Of course, it can also be used to make Osmanthus moon cake, sweet-scented osmanthus duck, sweet-scented osmanthus wine, and so on traditional cuisine.


Last year, I saved some dry sweet-scented osmanthus, I would have been prepared to drink as tea, but fiend said if producing the sweet-scented osmanthus wine,tastes better. Therefore, I have a try. The taste really good.

The main Ingredients are : Osmanthus 50g, sugar 50g, pure rice wine 600g. 
It is very easy to make, mixed well above ingredients ,sealed, placed shade about 60 days.
The -scented osmanthus wine is finished.

Blueberry yogurt

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Although I always drink pure milk, for the yogurt, I can also accept. And  blueberry has always been my favorite, Jo Jo introduced a magical drink to me –Blueberry yogurt.

Wow, how delicious!


If you have a boyfriend, it must be a sweet-heart drink.Why not have a try?


It is very easy to cook. The main ingredients are: blueberry sauce, yogurt, nuts,mint leaves. At first, you need prepare a cocktail glass, put blueberry sauce in the bottom of the glass,add yogurt and nuts.For the appearance, plus a piece of mint leaves.

Yeah, Blueberry yogurt. is finished.

Self-made Milk Tea

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With the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, more and more Chinese people  feel like drinking milk tea ,I also began to slowly accept the magical taste.

Black tea, milk, hot water , a spoonful of sugar, brandy (one or two drops)



First of all, put the black tea into a cup, burned a pot of water, pouring in, soak for 2 minutes, filtration tea, leaving only the juice.

And then, pour the boiling milk into above cup, drop two drops of brandy,a spoonful of sugar.

Lastly, the self-made milk tea is finished.

Curry Chicken Rice

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In fact, I always don’t like Curry. Last weekend, I came cross my friend who we haven’t meet each other for two years and left the phone number, therefore, he called me and invited me to have dinner last night.

We went to a tea restaurant , he ordered a curry chicken wings, I really feel how delicious…

So, I  check out some recipe about curry on the internet. The Curry Chicken Rice is my first cooking, maybe some bad, but taste is very good.


The main ingredients: chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, curry, garlic.

Seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce ,coconut milk


At first, follow above pictures, ready ingredients



And then, pure some oil into the pot, add garlic,onions and chicken ,after fried a few minutes, add the potatoes ,carrots ,some coconut milk ,curry powder and water.


At last, the fire to boil, then simmer for half an hour use medium fire.until thick soup good, eat match  rice, very delicious.

Thai Sauce Chicken Wings

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Today introduced a very popular recipe, named Thai sauce chicken wings. Its greatest advantage is not only delicious ,but also extremely simple, do not spend too much time and effort.

Ingredients: chicken wings.

Seasoning: salt, white pepper, rice wine ,Thai sweet chili sauce.


At first: with a toothpick to tie numerous small holes on the wings, add salt, white pepper and rice wine mix well, marinated for 1 hour.
And then, pour a little oil into the pot, small fire ,fried the chicken wings  until become yellowish  on both sides, remove,standby.
Lastly, pour appropriate amount of water,add Thai sweet chili sauce ,stir and boil. Add above chicken wings to cook until sauce thickens.

The Thai Sauce Chicken Wings is finished.

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