West dessert-Matcha

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My first know Matcha was a few years ago, when the name of that West dessert, I remember quite clearly – Matcha  Mousse Cake. Because her color is so different, which is the new green  after winter. Her smell is so fresh, so elegant, like the breath of spring. Therefore, I would like learn to bake, I would like cook West dessert  that full of life rhythm.

Ingredients:  flour, matcha powder , butter , sugar , sugar ,  egg, vanilla extract 


How to cook

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Baking: oven middle, 190 degrees, bake for 10 minutes.

This is my New Year gifts to everyone.Beg every people Happy

New Year.

Christmas gift:Honey roasted chicken

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Christmas Day is coming,I have no idea what cook and ready for.Although I don’t have the habit of Christmas,Chinese people more and more trend western custom.Therefore, I follow the step of public.Say to everybody: Merry Christmas!

This is my Christmas gift:Honey roasted chicken

Soy sauce
Black pepper
Cooking wine


How to cook

At first,sprinkle above seasonings onto the chicken ,preserved 15 minutes.

And then,preheat oven to 200 degrees. Baking sheet covered with aluminum foil, then pour a glass of water. Grilled chicken placed on the line, brush on honey ,  bake for 20 minutes.Remove the painted layer of honey and continue to bake, until chicken cooked.

Lastly, Honey roasted chicken is finished.

This is my first roasted chicken,a little black,but very delicious.

Puff Love

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Puff is a Italian dessert. It is the symbol of auspicious in France, In some special festive ceremony such born baby or marriage, we are used to dip caramel cream puffs piled tower to celebrate, called Croquembouche, a symbol of celebration and congratulations.

 Puff tastes "a lot" – plain, butter, chocolate, vanilla, green tea etc., each of them sprinkled with "white" icing ,when you bite them, cream  pour out from the "crisp"  dough, how delicious!!

This is my first feeling of taste puffs .In a  wedding  of  my friend,because of puff,I come across my BF.Until now we love eating puff, I always would like learn how to cook ,because of some reasons,I have no time to cook.

What a pit!

Beef Rolls With Red Wine Sauce

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You must have eaten Beef rolls,but of add some red wine ,taste better.

Ok,let’s begin to do.


beef tenderloin
green peppers
fresh mushrooms
red pepper

black pepper
white pepper
red wine,
olive oil or salad oil


First of al , Cut all  vegetables  filament the beef into small pieces ( a thickness of about 0.5 cm, and then made into a thin 7 * 8 cm )

And then,pour  the oil, first add onion ,mushrooms, green peppers, continue to stir fry, then add spices, cook a few minutes and  fish out of vegetables, soup retained.

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Thirdly,like above pictures,put the last step vegetable into the fried beef rolled beef rolls and sealed with wet starch.

At last,fired the beef rolls until mature,  and sprinkle  black pepper, then transfer to a plate,add the fried vegetables and pour boiled soup.

Beef rolls with red wine sauce is finished.

Baked Spaghetti Bolognese

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I have wrote a article about Spaghetti.Now I want to write another Italian  noodle- Baked Spaghetti Bolognese



Italian noodles,
beef (shred).
onions(diced )
tomatoes(diced )
Heinz tomato paste (thick),
dry red wine,
garlic(minced )


Olive oil, bay leaves, pizza grass, the little sage, salt, pepper, the amount, Kraft cheese powder.



1, Boiled Italian noodles about nine mature. fish out of  them, dried ,mix olive oil, stir the noodles ,not sticky;

2. Pour some butter and olive oil ,and then add  the onion, garlic .

3.After a few moments,add beef quickly slip loose with chopsticks; then add diced tomatoes with stir-fried and  pour some red wine and other seasonings, change small fire for a tasty stew;

4,Finally,put some salt, pepper, the paste is OK. In fact, after fried and burned Italian noodles .then transfer them to a plate , I just add a layer of Italian meat sauce of the surface, and finally thrown into the some cheese powder, which more easily transfer to a plate.

New Orleans Grilled Wings

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Lily visited me last weekend and -baked chicken wings for me.Compare with Kentucky,I think Lily’s more authentic.. haha…ok, I also want to show everybody.


Chicken wings 
New Orleans barbecue material
Rose wine

How to cook

 At first,chicken wings, washed and drained, with a rose wine instead of water in the marinade with the chicken wings and  the New Orleans Stir together, set the refrigerator for 12 hours .

And then,Preheat oven to 150 degrees, the upper and lower tube bake for 15 minutes, brush the honey barbecue sauce onto chicken wings  continue to bake for 5 minutes, lastly, the other side bake about 5 minutes 

The delicious New Orleans Grilled wings is Ok!

Wine Fried Steak

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Holidays from the entire eleven up to now, has not had a rest , I think I was almost to the breaking point. Finally,  I want to vacation.

Now I cook a western food for myself.I call it wine fried steak.



Cattle-pass fillet
Onion(shred )
Egg white
Black pepper
Corn starch
Olive oil
Tomato sauce


First of all,Cut cattle-pass fillet into thick slices about 2-3CM,use the meat hammer beat them,add  red wine, egg white, and black pepper ,corn starch and mix well;and then add olive oil,storage them 1 hour.

Second,pour a little olive oil ,add above cattle-pass fillet,put some black pepper and sugar.after cooked,pour them plate.

Lastly,the wine fired steak is finished.

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