Vanilla Muffin

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Every time in Cake House, I can always see the Vanilla Muffin. It is always lying there quietly, so I think it must taste very bad. Because of one thing, let me change my mind thoroughly. That day, we didn’t anything because of  a cause, the boss bought some cake for us,one kind of them is Vanilla Muffin. Therefore, we have to full our stomach.It is so surprised that to me.The fragrance and soft of Vanilla Muffin occupied my whole mouth.Enjoy them so much as to forget anything.

Today, I also show my skill to everyone.


light cream
vanilla pods(open the vanilla pod and remove the vanilla seed)
low-gluten flour
almond powder
baking powder

First of all,
pour the milk, whipping cream ,vanilla seed into pot;  low heat until slightly boiling, let cool reserve.

And then,
Add sugar into butter ,stir and let the volume become larger, lighter color.Gradually add egg, above powder and flour , Continue stirring.

lastly, load them into mold, about 1/7 .Oven to 180 degrees, middle and lower classes, about 20 minutes.The Vanilla Muffin is finished.

Banana Cake

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There are a lot of fruits at home on Chinese New Year , with some bananas I cooked several small cakes,maybe the final product is not ideal,  but the small banana cakes taste well, very sweet! Life is also sweet,   wish every friends happy and  honey !

Cake flour

How to cook

Follow the above images,squeeze into the batter into the molded paper bags ,oven  turned 180 degree ,bake for 20 minutes.Banana cake is finished.

Strawberries egg tarts

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Strawberries egg tarts of KFC were all the rage , worth also higher than the general ones. In fact, the taste is just so so and  the strawberry in egg tart is also minimal.

Now we cook Strawberries egg tarts by ourselves.It must be delicious.


Ingredient: whipping cream, milk , sugar, condensed milk, egg yolk,  flour, strawberry , egg tart skin



The oven preheats  5 minutes, put the egg tart into the second layer for 220 degrees, it is OK after 15 minutes.

When the egg tarts are finished,put on the Strawberries .the Strawberries egg tarts are OK.How delicious!

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West dessert-Matcha

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My first know Matcha was a few years ago, when the name of that West dessert, I remember quite clearly – Matcha  Mousse Cake. Because her color is so different, which is the new green  after winter. Her smell is so fresh, so elegant, like the breath of spring. Therefore, I would like learn to bake, I would like cook West dessert  that full of life rhythm.

Ingredients:  flour, matcha powder , butter , sugar , sugar ,  egg, vanilla extract 


How to cook

1 2

3 4

4 5 6 8 9

Baking: oven middle, 190 degrees, bake for 10 minutes.

This is my New Year gifts to everyone.Beg every people Happy

New Year.