For salmon, I have a special feeling.Although I’m not used to the taste of Sashimi. Last night, a friend gave me a salmon. I decide to cook Steamed salmon.

The main ingredients:
salmon(Cut salmon into large pieces)
coriander(cut into sections)

OK, we begin to cook,

At first, take a tape, not too shallow dish, because the steamed fish soup will be out.  Put a layer of onion and mushroom pieces, and finally sprinkle some shredded ginger.

And then, put the salmon on above tape and steam for 6-7 minutes;

Lastly, take a small bowl, it is used to hold the flow out of the soup which had just steamed fish, then add chopped garlic, point a few drops of soy sauce, plus a little bit of sugar, mix well and pour over salmon, and sprinkle a little above coriander.

The Steamed salmon is finished.