I have wrote a article about Spaghetti.Now I want to write another Italian  noodle- Baked Spaghetti Bolognese



Italian noodles,
beef (shred).
onions(diced )
tomatoes(diced )
Heinz tomato paste (thick),
dry red wine,
garlic(minced )


Olive oil, bay leaves, pizza grass, the little sage, salt, pepper, the amount, Kraft cheese powder.



1, Boiled Italian noodles about nine mature. fish out of  them, dried ,mix olive oil, stir the noodles ,not sticky;

2. Pour some butter and olive oil ,and then add  the onion, garlic .

3.After a few moments,add beef quickly slip loose with chopsticks; then add diced tomatoes with stir-fried and  pour some red wine and other seasonings, change small fire for a tasty stew;

4,Finally,put some salt, pepper, the paste is OK. In fact, after fried and burned Italian noodles .then transfer them to a plate , I just add a layer of Italian meat sauce of the surface, and finally thrown into the some cheese powder, which more easily transfer to a plate.