Self-made Milk Tea

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With the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, more and more Chinese people  feel like drinking milk tea ,I also began to slowly accept the magical taste.

Black tea, milk, hot water , a spoonful of sugar, brandy (one or two drops)



First of all, put the black tea into a cup, burned a pot of water, pouring in, soak for 2 minutes, filtration tea, leaving only the juice.

And then, pour the boiling milk into above cup, drop two drops of brandy,a spoonful of sugar.

Lastly, the self-made milk tea is finished.

Thai Sauce Chicken Wings

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Today introduced a very popular recipe, named Thai sauce chicken wings. Its greatest advantage is not only delicious ,but also extremely simple, do not spend too much time and effort.

Ingredients: chicken wings.

Seasoning: salt, white pepper, rice wine ,Thai sweet chili sauce.


At first: with a toothpick to tie numerous small holes on the wings, add salt, white pepper and rice wine mix well, marinated for 1 hour.
And then, pour a little oil into the pot, small fire ,fried the chicken wings  until become yellowish  on both sides, remove,standby.
Lastly, pour appropriate amount of water,add Thai sweet chili sauce ,stir and boil. Add above chicken wings to cook until sauce thickens.

The Thai Sauce Chicken Wings is finished.

Sixi ball

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"Sixi ball"
is a famous dish in China,with its auspicious, meaning reunion. The dish will not only bring the feeling of joy and harmony, but also expressed the earnest blessings.Therefore,  Sixi balls can be considered the most auspicious and favorite dishes for the people.

The main ingredients:
Pork(Cut into stuffing)
lotus root
red peppers
soy sauce, cooking wine,salt, starch, pepper, aniseed , onion, ginger .

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First of all,
mix well minced meat, lotus root, onion ginger, a little salt, egg white, a little water, make them become balls.And wash above vegetable, put them into boiling water a moment, set aside.

And them, fried the balls until become gold, add a little water, onion ginger slices, pepper and above seasoning, boiled a few minutes, fish out the balls.

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Lastly,continue to boil the remaining sauce, mix with starch added water, topped with sesame oil.Poured on them in the balls. The Sixi ball is finished.

Cola Cake

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It is said that this snack is very popular in Japan, names Cola Cake.

The mainly ingredients:
black pepper powder,
bread crumbs


1 potatoes peeled and sliced, after cooked, pressed into mashed. Mince the onion stand, chop the meat filling.
2, Pour oil into pot, add above onion, meat,potatoes.After a few seconds,add salt, a little black pepper to taste and mix well.
3, Divided above material into several, make small cake.
4, Respectively wrapped each small cake a layer of flour,whole egg liquid, then glue bread crumbs.
5, Put them into oil pan ,fried to a golden brown.

The Cola Cake is finished.

Hot and Sour powder

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Have you been to China?

Can you eat hot or sour?

If you can eat hot,I’ll show you a hot and sour food.We call it  hot and sour powder.

At first,we need:
Sweet potato flour(the flour looks like noodles,no power)
soy sauce
oil pepper
monosodium glutamate
green onion (shred)
bean sprouts(clean and shred)
bone soup

And then , we begin to cook:

Pour the bone soup into pot and boiled,put the sweet potato flour  into bamboo funnel and together into the pot .After 2 minutes,pour them into a big bowl,add the soup and above seasonings.

The hot and sour powder is finished.

How delicious they are!!!

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Health Gruel

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Generally speaking,Why do Chinese people are relatively thin?

It is related with diet.I pay more attention to health,now let me introduce  a Health gruel to everybody.



Yam (Cut into pieces)
Rock candy
Green onion(thin)


First of all,large Mega water soak for half an hour in advance.Put the soaked rice into pot, add  water to boil,

And then, add yam , wolfberry and rock candy.A little stirring, simmer 30 minutes.

Health gruel is finished.

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Glutinous Rice Balls

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The glutinous rice balls today, it could almost call it “zero-cooking”  because it is too simple .

Ok,let us together study it.



Glutinous rice,
Corn kernels(boiled),
Bean paste,
White sesame  ( fried ).


1, Wash glutinous rice and soak about 4 hours, steam glutinous rice  about 30 minutes .

2, Put the steamed glutinous rice,  corn kernels(boiled), bean paste,
into  a big bowl,  shape above food into small balls;

3, Sprinkle a thin layer of white sesame seeds on glutinous rice balls.

The glutinous rice balls is finished.

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