Bamboo Fiber Disposable Plates – The Eco Friendly Choice

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We have received this planet to live on for our lifetime with the responsibility, that when we leave it for the future generations, it should be as livable if not more for the future generations. If we do not do that, we are stealing from our own children and the children of our children. However in the rush and push of modern life such concerns can easily take back stage even at though at heart we want to be good and do not want to do lasting harm to the environment.

At such a time it is a very welcome surprise to know of a product that not only makes our lives more comfortable and tasks more convenient, but is also great for the environment. Bamboo fiber disposable plates are one such product. Bamboo fiber is an abundantly available resource and which is also renewable. Its cultivation brings employment and prosperity to some of the more impoverished people in the world. And when bamboo fiber is processed in a modern eco friendly manner you get products that have a great design, look and performance. The next time you are hosting a dinner at home you should try using disposable plates made of this material as they will quickly become the topic of the conversation as everyone will admire their looks and the fact that they are not going to harm the environment. Bamboo fiber is biodegradable and does not even require a compost pit to decompose.

And since the material is abundantly available the cost of these disposable plates is not much and they are quite affordable. Therefore you can make them a part of your life without having to cut the budget for some other product or service that you enjoy.

World over bamboo based products have made a niche for themselves as being elegant and nature friendly. The bamboo fiber disposable plates are the latest in this series of great products. You can buy them conveniently by going online. You will be delighted by the choice of designs on offer. You will be sure they give you great value for your hard earned money.

Baked Spaghetti Bolognese

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I have wrote a article about Spaghetti.Now I want to write another Italian  noodle- Baked Spaghetti Bolognese



Italian noodles,
beef (shred).
onions(diced )
tomatoes(diced )
Heinz tomato paste (thick),
dry red wine,
garlic(minced )


Olive oil, bay leaves, pizza grass, the little sage, salt, pepper, the amount, Kraft cheese powder.



1, Boiled Italian noodles about nine mature. fish out of  them, dried ,mix olive oil, stir the noodles ,not sticky;

2. Pour some butter and olive oil ,and then add  the onion, garlic .

3.After a few moments,add beef quickly slip loose with chopsticks; then add diced tomatoes with stir-fried and  pour some red wine and other seasonings, change small fire for a tasty stew;

4,Finally,put some salt, pepper, the paste is OK. In fact, after fried and burned Italian noodles .then transfer them to a plate , I just add a layer of Italian meat sauce of the surface, and finally thrown into the some cheese powder, which more easily transfer to a plate.


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"the Italian noodles"
Of course, for the first spaghetti,i’m failure,so i decide to try it again.i saw Brain’s article carefully.and then,the main ingredient is follow:

manual noodles(of course thick ,firm ones)
onion(although i don’t like it but i stick to use it for once )
green and hot pepper(i like eating hot )
garlic(sure fresh and powered)
brown sugger(i can receive)
mushroom(i feel like )
meat(i bought some beef)
oregano or Italian seasoning(i can’t find it in supper market,so i just use tomato  sauce  instead )

ok,we begin to do:
First of all,fry up the meat,onion together with  garlic,i also put some hot pepper(only do that,it can enough hot ).when they look like nice and brown,add tomato sauce ,
And then,mushroom,green papper and a little sugger. cook this for twenty minutes.pour them into the plate.the first step is ok.
the second,wash my pot and boil a big pan of water.when the water is boiled,put the noodles and somt salt(because it make the noodles more firmer).
Thirdly,hold on a moment,the noodles are mellow and pour into another plate.
The last ,Put the  paste of the first step(i just call it paste) on the face of  cooked noodles.
the best tasty  Intalian noodles is finished.

Wahaha…….  you must want to taste  and say,”how delicious !!!!”

NOTE:i still decide to use the fork  even though i prefer  chopsticks to fork.Ah…..  give me another fun!