Bamboo Fiber Disposable Plates – The Eco Friendly Choice

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We have received this planet to live on for our lifetime with the responsibility, that when we leave it for the future generations, it should be as livable if not more for the future generations. If we do not do that, we are stealing from our own children and the children of our children. However in the rush and push of modern life such concerns can easily take back stage even at though at heart we want to be good and do not want to do lasting harm to the environment.

At such a time it is a very welcome surprise to know of a product that not only makes our lives more comfortable and tasks more convenient, but is also great for the environment. Bamboo fiber disposable plates are one such product. Bamboo fiber is an abundantly available resource and which is also renewable. Its cultivation brings employment and prosperity to some of the more impoverished people in the world. And when bamboo fiber is processed in a modern eco friendly manner you get products that have a great design, look and performance. The next time you are hosting a dinner at home you should try using disposable plates made of this material as they will quickly become the topic of the conversation as everyone will admire their looks and the fact that they are not going to harm the environment. Bamboo fiber is biodegradable and does not even require a compost pit to decompose.

And since the material is abundantly available the cost of these disposable plates is not much and they are quite affordable. Therefore you can make them a part of your life without having to cut the budget for some other product or service that you enjoy.

World over bamboo based products have made a niche for themselves as being elegant and nature friendly. The bamboo fiber disposable plates are the latest in this series of great products. You can buy them conveniently by going online. You will be delighted by the choice of designs on offer. You will be sure they give you great value for your hard earned money.

Blueberry yogurt

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Although I always drink pure milk, for the yogurt, I can also accept. And  blueberry has always been my favorite, Jo Jo introduced a magical drink to me –Blueberry yogurt.

Wow, how delicious!


If you have a boyfriend, it must be a sweet-heart drink.Why not have a try?


It is very easy to cook. The main ingredients are: blueberry sauce, yogurt, nuts,mint leaves. At first, you need prepare a cocktail glass, put blueberry sauce in the bottom of the glass,add yogurt and nuts.For the appearance, plus a piece of mint leaves.

Yeah, Blueberry yogurt. is finished.

Curry Chicken Rice

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In fact, I always don’t like Curry. Last weekend, I came cross my friend who we haven’t meet each other for two years and left the phone number, therefore, he called me and invited me to have dinner last night.

We went to a tea restaurant , he ordered a curry chicken wings, I really feel how delicious…

So, I  check out some recipe about curry on the internet. The Curry Chicken Rice is my first cooking, maybe some bad, but taste is very good.


The main ingredients: chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, curry, garlic.

Seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce ,coconut milk


At first, follow above pictures, ready ingredients



And then, pure some oil into the pot, add garlic,onions and chicken ,after fried a few minutes, add the potatoes ,carrots ,some coconut milk ,curry powder and water.


At last, the fire to boil, then simmer for half an hour use medium fire.until thick soup good, eat match  rice, very delicious.

Thai Sauce Chicken Wings

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Today introduced a very popular recipe, named Thai sauce chicken wings. Its greatest advantage is not only delicious ,but also extremely simple, do not spend too much time and effort.

Ingredients: chicken wings.

Seasoning: salt, white pepper, rice wine ,Thai sweet chili sauce.


At first: with a toothpick to tie numerous small holes on the wings, add salt, white pepper and rice wine mix well, marinated for 1 hour.
And then, pour a little oil into the pot, small fire ,fried the chicken wings  until become yellowish  on both sides, remove,standby.
Lastly, pour appropriate amount of water,add Thai sweet chili sauce ,stir and boil. Add above chicken wings to cook until sauce thickens.

The Thai Sauce Chicken Wings is finished.

Cumin Roast Leg of Lamb

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I think many people feel like eating lamb, and I cooked this food was very different. The main spices are very special- barbecue sauce and cumin are all at no cost to "reuse" . the barbecue sauce was the rest when my son ate McDonald , cumin powder is packaged after eating soft-fried fillet in a Chinese restaurant , instead of wasting, the better is to make full use of them.

How to cook


First of all, mixed well the barbecue sauce, soy sauce and cooking wine,applying the mixed sauce evenly on the leg of lamb, wrap them use plastic wrap  and put it into the refrigerator for one to two days to make it fully tasty;
sprinkle the marinated leg of lamb with cumin;
And then, sprinkle the marinated leg of lamb with cumin, onion,chopped herbs.
At last,
preheat oven to 220 degrees, bake 25 minutes,remove the leg of lamb ,turn it over and continue baking 25 minutes.

If match a glass of wine with the cumin roast leg of lamb,

How delicious!

Sixi ball

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"Sixi ball"
is a famous dish in China,with its auspicious, meaning reunion. The dish will not only bring the feeling of joy and harmony, but also expressed the earnest blessings.Therefore,  Sixi balls can be considered the most auspicious and favorite dishes for the people.

The main ingredients:
Pork(Cut into stuffing)
lotus root
red peppers
soy sauce, cooking wine,salt, starch, pepper, aniseed , onion, ginger .

21 22
First of all,
mix well minced meat, lotus root, onion ginger, a little salt, egg white, a little water, make them become balls.And wash above vegetable, put them into boiling water a moment, set aside.

And them, fried the balls until become gold, add a little water, onion ginger slices, pepper and above seasoning, boiled a few minutes, fish out the balls.

24 23

Lastly,continue to boil the remaining sauce, mix with starch added water, topped with sesame oil.Poured on them in the balls. The Sixi ball is finished.

Purple Sweet Potato Pie

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Pancake has been my favorite. Walking snack street every time,  always a variety of pancakes in my eyes. Today, I bought a recipe and learn to cook purple sweet potato pie.


Purple sweet potato 250 grams, 150 grams of glutinous rice flour, corn flour 50 grams, sesame seeds, the amount of sugar.



First of all, steamed the purple sweet potato after cleaned, when it isn’t hot, remove the skin, mashed into the mud;

And then, Mix the glutinous rice flour, corn flour and sugar , pour in the purple mashed potatoes, then add the right amount of water to knead dough.And make into a small round flat cake like above pictures.

At last, put the small round flat cake into oil pot, fried swelled slightly , and turn slightly yellow to the middle. Purple sweet potato pie is finished.

Special Egg salad

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Egg is as a auspicious symbol  in China.This Special Egg salad is mainly made of  egg and Salmon roe .I hope everyone will like it.



three eggs


Salmon roe ( marinated with soy sauce )  It can be placed directly on the consumption of sushi .


Cooked eggs, peeled, cut in half the Central.


The three egg yolks, a tablespoon of soft cheese, a tablespoon of salad dressing mix evenly into a fine paste.


The egg yolk paste into piping bag, pushed them into above eggs.Put  salmon roe on the paste, use fresh green leaves as decoration.


Transfer to a plate,it is OK.