Blueberry yogurt

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Although I always drink pure milk, for the yogurt, I can also accept. And  blueberry has always been my favorite, Jo Jo introduced a magical drink to me –Blueberry yogurt.

Wow, how delicious!


If you have a boyfriend, it must be a sweet-heart drink.Why not have a try?


It is very easy to cook. The main ingredients are: blueberry sauce, yogurt, nuts,mint leaves. At first, you need prepare a cocktail glass, put blueberry sauce in the bottom of the glass,add yogurt and nuts.For the appearance, plus a piece of mint leaves.

Yeah, Blueberry yogurt. is finished.

Curry Chicken Rice

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In fact, I always don’t like Curry. Last weekend, I came cross my friend who we haven’t meet each other for two years and left the phone number, therefore, he called me and invited me to have dinner last night.

We went to a tea restaurant , he ordered a curry chicken wings, I really feel how delicious…

So, I  check out some recipe about curry on the internet. The Curry Chicken Rice is my first cooking, maybe some bad, but taste is very good.


The main ingredients: chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, curry, garlic.

Seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce ,coconut milk


At first, follow above pictures, ready ingredients



And then, pure some oil into the pot, add garlic,onions and chicken ,after fried a few minutes, add the potatoes ,carrots ,some coconut milk ,curry powder and water.


At last, the fire to boil, then simmer for half an hour use medium fire.until thick soup good, eat match  rice, very delicious.

Different from Chinese and Western Food Culture

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Diet Customs

Customs of the Chinese people’s traditional diet is plant-based diets. Staple food grains, supplement vegetables, plus a small amount of meat. A major feature is hot and cooked food for the custom of the Chinese diet .It is related on Chinese civilized and development of cooking techniques.

Western countries adhering to the nomads, sailing nation’s cultural heritage, to fishing and hunting for living, the traditional diet main is based on meat .  High-calorie, high fat diet adapted to high latitudes of the geography and climate. Combination of raw and cooked vegetables often appear before the salad way.

Diet Concept

I think the best difference from Chinese and Western Food Culture is diet concept.Because the different Chinese and Western philosophy, Western diets heavy science, nutrition, so the modern Western diet to nutrition as the supreme criterion.Chinese people concern the taste of food.We have always pursued  the delicious of food  but nutrition.

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