The helplessness of my Christmas day?

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Why Chinese people celebrate Christmas Day?”  What a cool word! but who knows the helplessness contained in it.

Christmas is coming tomorrow, and this Christmas day, I have to live it alone.

Think of every time Christmas, my friends  asked me: "How to arrange this Christmas day. "  I just coldly say: "Why Chinese people celebrate Christmas Day?”   then smiled and turned to leave. But how can they understand when I say this reluctantly, how helplessness.

A long time ago,I hope have one people with me in Christmas day, but every year Christmas, just me looking at the sky trance.

Every Christmas, see other girl together with their lover.I just would helpless smile, then silently turned away. Really envy them, I also wish that someone go with me to Christmas, too, to accompany me to talk about a private message . Later that every Christmas, I just only pretend to be chic to say: “Why Chinese people celebrate Christmas Day?” 

This is my helplessness of  Christmas day?

What is the Christmas tree?

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What is the symbol of Christmas?

In addition to  Santa Claus, I am afraid that is covered with stars, Christmas tree lights and a small gift.

What is the Christmas tree?

Christmas is  coming, on both sides of the road, all  hotel and shopping malls  put their well-dressed Christmas tree early, hung  all kind of  beautiful Christmas wreath on the door. Although called the Christmas tree, but quite large differences in the image. Some, like pine trees, some like cypress, some business even used the ginkgo as Christmas tree.

So,what is the authentic Christmas tree?

In fact, the Christmas tree which appeared in the Christmas scene is after 1500 years when the birth of Jesus (16th century) .

The beginning, there is no practical use,it is just used to heighten the festive atmosphere. A monk because of thrift, cut a small fir tree, hanging  cakes, red fruit and candles, so that children could leave a happy Christmas day. Later, people try to copy,the pendant of Christmas tree has become bells, snowflakes, lights etc..

Since it is entertainment props, it have no too much limit, pine and  fir trees can be used. Select Pine and fir trees,  because they still maintain the green in the winter ,appears to vitality.

Furthermore, the conical crown is more for decorated , simply as a the shelf for Christmas gift. You have to understand that it does not matter, in fact, Pine and fir trees are the best choose on Christmas day.