Purple Sweet Potato Pie

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Pancake has been my favorite. Walking snack street every time,  always a variety of pancakes in my eyes. Today, I bought a recipe and learn to cook purple sweet potato pie.


Purple sweet potato 250 grams, 150 grams of glutinous rice flour, corn flour 50 grams, sesame seeds, the amount of sugar.



First of all, steamed the purple sweet potato after cleaned, when it isn’t hot, remove the skin, mashed into the mud;

And then, Mix the glutinous rice flour, corn flour and sugar , pour in the purple mashed potatoes, then add the right amount of water to knead dough.And make into a small round flat cake like above pictures.

At last, put the small round flat cake into oil pot, fried swelled slightly , and turn slightly yellow to the middle. Purple sweet potato pie is finished.

Steamed salmon

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For salmon, I have a special feeling.Although I’m not used to the taste of Sashimi. Last night, a friend gave me a salmon. I decide to cook Steamed salmon.

The main ingredients:
salmon(Cut salmon into large pieces)
coriander(cut into sections)

OK, we begin to cook,

At first, take a tape, not too shallow dish, because the steamed fish soup will be out.  Put a layer of onion and mushroom pieces, and finally sprinkle some shredded ginger.

And then, put the salmon on above tape and steam for 6-7 minutes;

Lastly, take a small bowl, it is used to hold the flow out of the soup which had just steamed fish, then add chopped garlic, point a few drops of soy sauce, plus a little bit of sugar, mix well and pour over salmon, and sprinkle a little above coriander.

The Steamed salmon is finished.

“Family Reunion”

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Recently, I’ in a mess.Although my life,or my work.I feel feeble.A female friend said that:”It must your life has no new things,sometimes the dull also make you crazy.” So I decide to give myself some power.

It is snowing heavily ,very cold but very beautiful.I cooked a food for myself,named “Family Reunion”,beg my families can health and happy.


The main ingredient: eggs, corn, peas, shrimp.

Follow the above step,you can cook by yourself. I hope every family can health and happy.

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Hot and Sour powder

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Have you been to China?

Can you eat hot or sour?

If you can eat hot,I’ll show you a hot and sour food.We call it  hot and sour powder.

At first,we need:
Sweet potato flour(the flour looks like noodles,no power)
soy sauce
oil pepper
monosodium glutamate
green onion (shred)
bean sprouts(clean and shred)
bone soup

And then , we begin to cook:

Pour the bone soup into pot and boiled,put the sweet potato flour  into bamboo funnel and together into the pot .After 2 minutes,pour them into a big bowl,add the soup and above seasonings.

The hot and sour powder is finished.

How delicious they are!!!

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Health Gruel

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Generally speaking,Why do Chinese people are relatively thin?

It is related with diet.I pay more attention to health,now let me introduce  a Health gruel to everybody.



Yam (Cut into pieces)
Rock candy
Green onion(thin)


First of all,large Mega water soak for half an hour in advance.Put the soaked rice into pot, add  water to boil,

And then, add yam , wolfberry and rock candy.A little stirring, simmer 30 minutes.

Health gruel is finished.

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Glutinous Rice Balls

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The glutinous rice balls today, it could almost call it “zero-cooking”  because it is too simple .

Ok,let us together study it.



Glutinous rice,
Corn kernels(boiled),
Bean paste,
White sesame  ( fried ).


1, Wash glutinous rice and soak about 4 hours, steam glutinous rice  about 30 minutes .

2, Put the steamed glutinous rice,  corn kernels(boiled), bean paste,
into  a big bowl,  shape above food into small balls;

3, Sprinkle a thin layer of white sesame seeds on glutinous rice balls.

The glutinous rice balls is finished.

Cola Chicken

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Most of my friend more and more love the  food mixed oriental and western.

Come on! let me show those recipe to you.

chicken thighs (the upper half of ones),
ginger(slice) ,
cooking wine,
soy sauce,
pepper ,

At first
, boneless chicken thigh meat,put into larger containers, add above onion, ginger, children ginger, pepper, cooking wine, soy  sauce,   mix well ;
Second, the chicken skin side up, covered the cling film, marinated for 30 minutes in the refrigerator .And then , put the chicken  into pan,fried until golden brown,turn down the fire and add the cola;
Thirdly,the chicken skin side up,if the soup is sticky, that is OK.


Lily steamed Pumpkin

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Last week,I was silk,my boyfriends was always looking after me .My best moving is that he  begins to cook.Recently  he teach me how to cook food named “Lily steamed Pumpkin”.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and soft fiber, low sugar, low calorie, contribute to weight loss. Lily addition to containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2C,and other nutrients, but also contains some special nutrients, such as colchicine and other alkaloids.


Ok, let me show you how to do…

At first, the follow ingredients we should ready contain lily,pumpkin,jujube and rock candy.

And then,we begin to cook:

1.Wash lily peel  and rock candy,pumpkin seeded, peeled and sliced code on the plate;

2.Put lilies and rock candies on the pumpkin,dried.

3.Pot boil water, put the plate in the pot and steam for 20 minutes;

4.Add 3 tablespoons of water,when  the rock candies are all melting, pour in the steamed pumpkins and lilies.

Lastly,our Lily steamed Pumpkin is finished.

Sugar and Lotus Seed Soup

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Sugar and Lotus Seed Soup is a  beauty diet,it is good for wildly women.

The mail ingredients:

Honey nuts
Lotus Seed
Rose petals
How to cook
First of all,put the honey nuts into pot and steamed for 15 minutes. Dried lotus seeds into a large bowl, add boiling water, 1,000 grams, soak for 15 minutes, by tablets, peeled, heart washed into a large bowl, add 1500 grams of water, stir on the cage and steam for 30 minutes.
And then,add rock sugar, and then steamed for about 5 minutes, so that sugar is melted, divided into 10 small bowls, each bowl put a candied, sprinkle a little sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus, and then crush the rose petals, evenly sprinkle on top.
The  sugar and lotus seed Soup is finished

Sliced Noodles

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willow-shaped, triangular-shaped, seven inches long, no edges, ribs taste tough cutlery.

How to practice the Sliced Noodles

Firstly,the flour, water, modulated into water to the dough stand 30 minutes Xing.
And then,take the right amount of dough, knead by hand about 8-9 inches of cylindrical dough.
Lastly,when the surfacing and knife in one hand, a hand under the dough, the dough along the outside of a knife in the knife to the knife to cut endure into the boiling water pot, pan and cook for 3 minutes to eat.

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