“Family Reunion”

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Recently, I’ in a mess.Although my life,or my work.I feel feeble.A female friend said that:”It must your life has no new things,sometimes the dull also make you crazy.” So I decide to give myself some power.

It is snowing heavily ,very cold but very beautiful.I cooked a food for myself,named “Family Reunion”,beg my families can health and happy.


The main ingredient: eggs, corn, peas, shrimp.

Follow the above step,you can cook by yourself. I hope every family can health and happy.

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Food culture of China

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Country’s history have long or short,  big and small territory, the strength of strong or weak, more or less the population.There are some difference of ethnic composition, religion, political power and economic structure of nature .

Therefore , food culture of different country is also not same.

From History, Chinese food culture stretches more than 170 years, divided into raw food, cooked food, natural cooking, science and cooking four stages of development.There are more than 60,000 kinds of traditional dishes, more than 20,000 kinds of industrial food, colorful feast, and unique style genre, was “cooking kingdom“.

Chinese food culture and techniques ,from the era, geographical and economic, ethnic and religion, food and utensils, consumption and the level and other kinds of view, demonstrating the different cultural tastes, reflecting the use of different values.