Do you know how the New Year’s gonna  go off  in Oriental and western country?

Now I just use China and some western countries an sample.

In China, the Eve of New Year were just family reunion,not invites other outsider, even the most intimate friends,those people absolutely never joined else’s family dinner that night, they should have to wait until New Year’s first day. This is almost a conventional customs, the less there must be thousands of years.

Christmas day in the West do not like China ,it was Christmas Eve the night before , Santa Claus will come and bring gifts and good wishes to everyone in the night . The difference is often inviting friends and even foreign friends to join on this festival once a year. It’s very lively,once New Year’s bell rings, people cheered, can not help but run into the streets to embrace other people ,any people. Thanksgiving  is the festival of family reunion, equivalent to China’s Spring Festival.