Can you eat hot? Have you eaten hot-pot?This is a specalĀ  snack of our Sichuan.

ok, let us look at it….

Sichuan bean paste 3 tablespoons
butter 100 grams,
100 grams of salad oil,
dried chilli 100 grams,
50 grams of pepper,
3 tablespoons sugar,
15 grams of crystal sugar,
ginger, garlic ,onions, 2 tablespoons white wine,
soup bones 1 can of Swanson, Citrus 1,
strawberry 2, 15 grams of fennel,
kaempferol 1 clove, cinnamon,
1, geraniol, 3, 3 cloves,
1 teaspoon monosodium glutamate,
2 tsp white pepper
1 / 2 tsp soy sauce 2 tbsp.
how to cook

1, the pot into the salad oil and pour into dry chili peppers and hot pepper flavor Stir, then remove and reserve again, the sugar into the pan fry the small fire shot into the flat after the dissolution of the spring onion, Ginger and garlic.

2, fry onion and garlic until light yellow color and put into stir fry with all the spices, then poured into Sichuan bean paste, stir well, then pour in wine and soy sauce and butter fried together.

3, and finally into the whole jar of Swanson ribs soup, add sugar, then fried until the chili peppers and pepper pot, pour back into pot at the end that is expected.