Recently,i make a forieign female friend. she is a very great and industrious mother.she cooks many food for all family everyday,because  her family a bit picky, so she needs to their taste-based. now i also can understand my mother although she have only one daughter.

I want to cook a Chinese dumplings for her, i hope she can love….

Then mail ingredient contain:


Stuffing(recode your like, you can use beef, pork , mutton ,etc. or potato,tomato,leek,lotus and so on,mix and shred )

Condiment(salt,onion(shred),soy sauce and so on)

like this:

How to make

At first,we shoud make dumpling skin.

i hope there are ready-made dumpling skins in foreign super market.because it need a little skill.

And then , make the stuffing.Shred all meat or village,like  the pic  . and add condiment,subject to your own taste.

Lastly,put the stuffing into dumpling skins.i give two methods.

the dumplings is finished, you can put them into boiling water  or steam them.

we eat  like dipping sauce or vinegar